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The Biocides and Biosciences Group is a forum for member companies with interests in biocidal products and biosciences. The forum provides opportunities for members to discuss UK and EU regulatory developments and issues relevant to the sector as well as issues affecting the chemical industry in general.  Whilst contacts in the UK enable us to influence legislation here, our membership of the Biocides for Europe sector group of Cefic allows input to developments at the European level.

The Biocides and Biosciences Group also enables members to keep abreast of, and contribute to, the development of disinfectant efficacy test methods and standards. Some members of the Biocides and Biosciences Group are also directly involved in the development of new standards as members of the relevant technical committees of BSI and its European equivalent CEN.

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With everything going on the world of biocides at the moment, the BBG gives us a great source of information from the UK and EU regulators, and keeps us informed on what’s changing as a result of Brexit. We also are involved in development and validation of test methods with CEN and BSI. The group is increasingly recognised as a key player in Biocides.

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